First Album In Progress

2017-07-28 02:16:30 by GoldHeartSenpai

AYYY, It's me again!

So, I was thinking of making my first album and I was wondering that the songs should have a color mood like YELLOW for brightly happy and BLUE for some blue feels.. And I decided to name it:


And I'm really Excited to release the full album as soon as the tracks are done

Also, some tracks are Covers/Remakes and some are my Remastered Originals

(Oh and I won't be on Soundcloud for a month.. :P Network Problems Here on Philippines...)

And while waiting please enjoy some of my tracks here! and Follow me for more tracks :D

Heya! Name's GoldHeart!

2017-05-03 00:41:47 by GoldHeartSenpai

Heya, so....I decided to join newgrounds for three good reasons.... Cool Music,Amazing Art aaaand  I'm From GD

I'll be uploading Music and Art! oh and i'm not an EXPERT. I'm still a NEWBIE  on producing and creating....

Well.... Nothing To Say Left..... Thanks :D