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GoldHeartSenpai's News

Posted by GoldHeartSenpai - February 14th, 2020

Hello everyone! so today is Feb 14, the day of pure affection and love!

but today isn't just that day, it's also the release of my new EP!

Released on a label "Dachipan Collective" because I promised to (my friend owned that label and i'm just a co-founder.)

So anyways, The links are up!

and Ill put them here!


-YouTube MVs

-Newgrounds Playlist

Ill put up more links soon!

Hope you'll enjoy them!!!! <3


Posted by GoldHeartSenpai - January 1st, 2020

HAppy NEw Year!!!

oh yeah.. about the-


It's been long... I'm sorry! BUT

I am doing another EP!!!! and this time, it's a revival!

Well you might know that "Cupcakes" and "It's Okay" was intended to be in an EP I made back at 2018. But was cancelled and released individually.

I felt bad about my supposed-to-be first EP of my alias was trashed. but the day came and I thought, what If I revive it?, What if I use the name "It's Okay EP" once more?,

What If I combine "Genderbend" and "Cupcakes"?

(well it sounds weird but it might work!)

I finally have the urge to make the EP once again. but this time, It's going to be complex.

Well, thats that, Here's the Art!


also.... I posted a Little Teaser for my new UPCOMING EP on YouTube!!

>"but Febbs, we've already seen that.. we want a new peek on something else!"

I know I know.... that's why I will show you a WIP on the Third song! Its only one but I can definitely agree that you might like it!

You can go here if you want to~

Also Lets make this new year the most amazing year!

also if you have any questions regarding me, this post, or the EP, give me a DM!, or comment to this post!

or if you want to be a madman and ask to me personally, Find me on Discord!

Febbs! #3985

anyways, thanks again! and Have a Happy New Year!


p.s. again sorry for the inactivity ^u^;



Posted by GoldHeartSenpai - October 8th, 2019


It's been a while, and I know.. Im sorry for being inactive.... also for being late...


Right now, Me and my good Friend Meremix did an epic, gamer EP!

Deathmatch EP!


a three-track EP made for fun and to avoid boredom..

mostly inspired by FPS games and the music revolving Gaming compilations

more info on my EP on the soundcloud album linked later on..

Also this EP will be soon oon other online platforms!

Big thanks for Meremix for making this happen!

His YouTube

His Twitter

His Insta

His Soundcloud

His Epic Gamer Server

Heres the Playlists we made so far!

Soundcloud Album!

YouTube Playlist!



Posted by GoldHeartSenpai - February 24th, 2019

Heya~ Its Febbs!

For a couple of weeks, Ive been too inactive... Well.. School Purposes, Got Lots of Learning for the Future..


I had Released another set of stems earlier this month! And I kinda forgot to announce it here..

So here!

Interested on Remixing my Pastries?~

Cupcakes Stems!


The Cupcakes Stems Video!

It's Another request of stems actually, So I wanted to do it because why not?

If you're Remixing my song ,then Good Luck, and Let me know if you are going to remix it by replying "Yes!" on this post!

The Link will be on the Description of the YouTube Video!

(It's Above this Paragraph!)

Also I have a Discord Server! Come and Join us!

My Discord Server!

That's it for today!

Also Keep an eye for new music this march! Mostly Remixes but yeah!

Thank you for reading!~

  • Febbs! 💛



Posted by GoldHeartSenpai - October 6th, 2018

HELLO! So, I think you guys heard from my recent music (Which was a Collab with Meremix)

And We planned to make some Remix Stems for Samantala!


Heres the Youtube Vid!  The link is in the Description!



Also Heres the link If you guys are lazy Xd



And Here are the streaming links for Samantala!

Newgrounds: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/821065

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/febbs-senpai/future-garage-house-samantala

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=daNQoozdjTI&feature=youtu.be&a



And I have a small Discord server! Join if you want!, Just Read the Rules and you will be fine!



Thank you! <3



Posted by GoldHeartSenpai - August 7th, 2018

Thats Right... I was actually busy with the School Days right now... So, It's about time that I have to say some Good news and some Bad news


Good news!

I have great news on the EP!.. It Is going to be really close!  (Not Gonna Say the Release date though.. Just Wait And See!! ^U^)

And! I'm gonna thow in the Cut Content from the EP!!

[Wips and Scrapped Works from the EP.. Only the good ones though]

Some are good for Ringtones, Some are good for Sampling XP


I decided to name the EP:

"It's Okay EP" 

Actually not the best EP name because..I'm literally too lazy to find good names.. Sorry...

And Heres the Main Cover!


Simple, but noice!


and here are the Bad News....

Well, School is messing up my schedules and plans... So dont expect much from me here..

Ooooh-But! Im actually more up on Twitter! and Discord too!

Feel free to DM me and Spam me on Discord XD

I'll leave some info here ^^

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FebbsSenpaiUwU

Discord tag: Febbs! #0365



Well I thonk, thats all!  Stay Up, Hearts! :3

(I'll definately call my fans Hearts...)


-Febbs! UwU


Posted by GoldHeartSenpai - May 15th, 2018

I changed my mind. I mgonna Rebrand BEFORE the EP Release.

It's making me frustrated XDDDD

So yeah, My New Alias is now FEBBS!

Some changes in the Links! (well some are not because I can't change them many more XD)


SO... Yeah I'm now Febbs!

Also, Progress on the EP is ALMOST THERE

Just one more track then Done. I also need a title for it and I'm still finding one XD


That's All! Thanks!



Posted by GoldHeartSenpai - April 15th, 2018

So.... I was thinking of REBRANDING or Renaming "GoldHeartSenpai"

My Mentor Zelgeon told me to change to a name that's Easy to Remember and Pronounce

Well, I kinda find my current name long and hard to remember. (since its sounds like a Username lol)

So, I was thinking, What About "FEBBS"?

I kinda find it nice to hear tho, and also, It's half of my First Name (oof Naem Reveel lmao)

Then I agreed to the new name. BUT DON'T WORRY, It's still the same me! The Same Weeb you Wuv <3 OwO

Okay, Rebranding/Renaming will start when I release this EP of mine.


Oh, Speaking of the EP, I'm already in the 4th track!

which I'm struggling to make haha!

and Also, I'll be renaming the EP. But I'm not saying the name yet UwU...


Okay, That's all! Toodles!

-Much Wuv Goldie


Oh Also, Add me on Discord if you wanna talk or so...

Or Maybe Find me on My mentor, Zelgeon's Server or Lockyn's Server
anyways, here's my Discord ID: [GoldHeartSenpai #0365]

Posted by GoldHeartSenpai - February 23rd, 2018

Okay so, I have a Quick announcement,

That some thing Big is coming in the FUTURE

And If I mean Big I mean OKIE DOKI BIG


Here's a "smol" peice for you guys to think :3


[Art By Me, GoldHeartSenpai]

Hope you guys will think of it!

(Eh.. It might be too easy for you guys to guess... lol)

Alrighty! Thanks for Reading this Short Announcement!


Posted by GoldHeartSenpai - February 9th, 2018

So..... February 14 is just around the corner......

So.. um.......  I don't have much to post / upload yet..


Also, I'm really surprised that My Future Drum and Bass Track: "DELETE" was Frontpaged on Feb. 1

and,  NoisySundae Just made a Special Review!!!!! That's the best Birthday Gift of ALLLLL!!!!

(btw, I just turned 15 last Feb. 2)

And... Um... If you guys are going to ask who am I going on a Date With, Um......

Just Monika. :3